Originally from Colorado, Adrienne Zetterquist made a big move while in middle school to Wake Forest, North Carolina and has been living in the Triangle ever since. The move helped Adrienne broaden her comfort zone with meeting new people and now helps her relate to relocation and transplant clients.
Its hard to believe when you meet her, but Adrienne is a true geek and proud of the widely used term. She received a degree in Business and Computer Science from NC State University and spent three years as a Project Engineer for a small local company. She is passionate about new technology and how it can help her manage her time and resources.
While in college Adrienne was a barista at the very first Starbucks in North Carolina located on Hillsborough Street. She continued to work there (very part time) even after her formal education. Once she had vested her options in the company stock plan she was able to cash out and use the money to purchase her first house while still in her tender twenties. It is obvious that Real Estate was a passion even from the beginning!
Tracing Adriennes experience and interests, one quickly learns that varying passions are the essential elements that formed her and molded her into the quintessential Realtor.
Adrienne truly enjoys having a career in Real Estate. It is more than a goal to help each client find the right house. She will settle for nothing less, whether it means taking a buyer to six houses or to sixty. She says that every client, and every situation is different, requiring a specific solution. The same is true on the listing side and she will make sure each property is showcased in the perfect way with proper staging, photography, detailed descriptions and marketing plan.
Over the years Adrienne has met some fantastic clients and has enjoyed every transaction. Yes, even the bumpy ones! She believes there is a lesson to be learned from every encounter whether it be business or personal. She says there is something memorable about every client and she feels it is a privilege to be able to work with them. She will never delegate any form of client contact to an assistant, preferring to interface with her buyers and sellers one-on-one. The relationship and trust between Adrienne and her clients is proven by statistics: close to 100% of her business is from referrals. Adrienne continues to maintain relationships with each client, at the very least remembering them during the Holiday season with hand written cards. Adrienne loves working under the auspices of Re/Max Preferred Associates because she is free to develop her business in the way that best suites her and her clients.
She is just as passionate about her charity ventures including the March of Dimes program and GSD (German Shepherd Rescue), a local animal rescue group. GSD is especially close to her heart as she has two adult German Shepherds. Check out each website yourself for more information about two great non profit organizations. www.gsdrescue.org & http://www.marchofdimes.com